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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beginning at the beginning

When I drink a wine, I love to find value -- as it's often said, "anyone can find a good $60 bottle.  Finding a good $15 bottle, that's the trick."

That's what drives me in wine; finding the $15-$20 bottle that tastes like a $30-$40 bottle.  And, that's what I'll share here; good affordable wine that tastes like it costs more.  Not to say that I won't talk about expensive stuff... especially given my love of Champagne.  But, for every great Champagne, there should be a great Cremant de Bourgogne or Cava.  For the most part, the idea will be talking about things that can be found for under $20.

And, a note on rating; yes, I will rate wines, including a score out of 100.  No, I don't expect you to agree with me; indeed, everyone's palate is different, something a lot of people seem not to understand.  This should be a jumping-off point, but trust your own palate!

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