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Friday, August 21, 2009

An interesting twist on a wine gift.

One of the email lists I subscribe to is Bottlenotes' The Daily Sip.  Todays email refers to a very.... unique... kind of wine holder, pictured to the right.  It's called the "Don't break the bottle wine caddy," and I can see it being an absolutely infuriating (in a good way) means to give someone a gift of a good bottle of wine.  They'll have to work for their wine!

Yep, it's basically one of those "take the ring off of the metal horseshoes" kind of puzzles, but instead of a metal ring, the person who solves the puzzle gets a bottle of wine (not included with the caddy, of course).

The same company also makes several other versions, apparently for liquor and beer as well as wine, but I thought the wine versions were all pretty interesting; there's the "Don't break the bottle corkscrew edition," and the "Don't break the bottle original." So you've got your choice of ways to annoy your gift recipients this year!

Don't get me wrong, I think just giving someone wine in a gift bag (or, really, just without wrapping at all) is a fine gift... but what a way to make it memorable, forcing your recipient to look at the bottle of Napa cult cab, or fine Bordeaux, and puzzle over it for several hours trying to free it from it's prison before they can open it?

Perhaps you'll even get invited for dinner... so that you can open up the darn bottle that's still locked up tight! It's enough to make a devious wine geek weep with joy.

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